Revitalising Beauty


Firming Seaweed Wrap
Your treatment will start off with a mineral sea salt scrub. You will be sealed in the warm, purifying seaweed and mineral mud poultice wrap. Whilst you relax and let your body sweat away the toxins, enjoy a hydrating facial and scalp massage. The aromatic botanical extracts and fruit enzymes from the mud wrap will leave your skin smooth and supple.
 75 mins $135  

Warm Oil Wrap
Remove dead skin cells with an enriching mineral salt scrub. Your skin is then nourished with a warm oil wrap, whilst receiving a hydrating facial and scalp massage.
 75 mins $135  

Back Treatment
A facial for your back. Unclog and decongest your back with a deep cleansing exfoliation, followed by a purifying clay mask. Finish the treatment with a relaxing back massage.
 45 mins $90  

Sea Salt Body Scrub
Turn back the time with a mineral body scrub, to remove dead skin cells and reveal that beautiful new layer of smooth and rejuvenated skin.
 30 mins $70  

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